In 2012, Prescribing Sunshine: Why vitamin D should be flying off shelves was released as an Amazon-only exclusive. Five years later, the eBook is now available from more online outlets and has also returned for purchase via Gumroad (originally limited).

Other than cover art which was modified several years after original release, there is no new content. Perhaps there will be an annotated 10th Anniversary Edition?

This site's forum has been removed due to disinterest. The blog has been mothballed while the Facebook account has long-been deactivated. The Twitter account plans to see a resurgence.

Why should you buy this book over other ones on vitamin D? It goes straight to the core and doesn't pull any punches.

Contains comprehensive advice on obtaining vitamin D optimality and its benefits, and includes over 300 references plus exclusive interviews with Oliver Gillie, Dr. David Grimes, Prof. Bruce Hollis and Joan Shenton.

Buy the exclusive paperback and Kindle editions from Amazon: US | UK | Germany | France | Spain | Italy | Netherlands (Kindle only) | Japan | India | Canada | Brazil | Mexico | Australia (Kindle only)

You can also find the eBook at the following digital outlets: Gumroad (EPUB edition, can also be viewed in some web browsers) | Smashwords | B&N Nook | Kobo | OverDrive [lending] | (Netherlands) (or try searching at your favourite eBook store!)

"His book is well worth reading for its cornucopia of citations from the medical-science literature, some of them revealing connections previously unknown to me, for example between vitamin D and immunity, and telomeres, and cholesterol, and HIV/AIDS; as well as the fact that vitamin D is a steroid and hormone-like. And the fact that under sunlight we manufacture vitamin D in the skin from...  cholesterol! By lowering cholesterol, we may even be accentuating deficiency of vitamin D..."

Henry Bauer, author of Dogmatism in Science and Medicine and The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory.

“This is an excellent first book on vitamin D. It is well written, with memorable stories. It has a theme of his 6 year personal exploration into the benefits of vitamin D, but manages to cover all of the important topics... He uses UK phrasing and refers to UK locations, but his material applies to anyone around the world. He clearly states what is known and includes some very believable hypotheses concerning HIV, MS..."

Henry Lahore, administrator of Vitamin D Wiki.

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